The Very Ticklish Tiger

So I kinda made us buy a pop-up book yesterday on our walk through Barnes & Noble.  Every kid needs at least one, and I was pretty sure we didn't have one yet.  Since I was buying, I took a glimpse inside before getting it; so, needless to say, the odds are pretty good that we won't be seeing a Donate or Destroy here today.

*We have a quality assortment of animals here who are well drawn, are given their proper dialog, and pop-up nicely
*Amazing choice of a sloth as the last creature in the book, since it really slows things down and seamlessly transitions into a goodnight
*The pop-ups actually have different motions depending on the animal, which is good because who wants to see the same animation (or whatever the proper term is) on every page

*Seriously, Jack Tickle, you picked that as your pseudonym and then compounded it by writing something with "ticklish" in the title
*By now you all know I have an issue with calling the book something that really only has to do with one page inside
*The gorilla and peacock must be getting old, since they really only choose to creep-up (not pop-up)

A solid value purchase in the pop-up genre.  The author and editors over at Caterpillar Books were wise enough to include a good amount of well-thought out rhyming text to go with the pop-ups, rather than just trying to put a bunch of pop-ups inside a book cover and surrounding them with like seven words total.  Having also peeked into some of the other titles in the Jack Tickle pop-up series, this one appeared to be the best of the lot, but I didn't really read the rest of them.  [Hey, is there a synonym for pop-ups? I'm sure it's getting difficult to read this term over and over again.]  In sum, if it wasn't a pop-up, it would probably only be a Borrow, but the pops launch it into the stratosphere reserved for Buys.  You know what they say, once you pop, you can't stop!  

BUY / Borrow / Donate / Destroy

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