I Kissed the Baby

Caution: Sap Alert!!!   

*The book is almost completely in shiny black and white, which allows the littlest of babies to see it
*It makes my wife cry when she reads it
*The kiss page is extra adorable

*The drawings are just terrible -- I'm still not sure if what I think is a frog is a frog
*I don't mean to beat a dead horse (pun inteneded), but, c'mon, another book with a small number of animals that finds a way to repeat genus/species (there are eleven animals in here and a whopping five are birds)
*The black & white is a total downer for anybody who is able to see any portion of the color spectrum

It's hard to believe that a copy of this book sits somewhere deep in the sub-basement of the Library of Congress within a floor or two of works by Mark Twain and Hemingway.  Couldn't the trustees create an annex or storage unit for lame-o kiddie books that is far, far away from the place we house the classic tomes of the world?  Sadly, I have nothing specific to say about Mary Murphy's work.  Instead, I have boiled it down to a very simple equation:
Illustration = (2 x Early Use) + (2 x Tears) - (6 x Horrifically Amateur).  

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Anonymous said...

Noooo!! I love this blog, but this review made me like you a little less. This book is THE BEST! It 100% captures the excitement of a new little one, which is the best excitement there is. You are a bitter, bitter blogger to give this a donate!!!