Dr. Seuss' ABC

Greetings from Alphabet City!!  Population: Me and you.

*I love the organization of the whole thing -- 26 letters across 20 pages might seem like an unusual way of doing it, but it works to perfection
*Showing kids the uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter is smart and might have been forgotten by other authors
*With the exception of one letter (see below), the entire alphabet is covered with virtually equal weight

*This book is obviously meant to be a teaching tool; so including four Seussian beasts bothers me to no end (thankfully, three of them are mixed with other real-life entities)
*Why on earth would the page for the letter 'Z' only contain the fictitious Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz
*Uncle Ubb's feet must have been in a horribly disfiguring accident or are possessed by a demon

Let it be known, I had a pre-blog bias against Seuss.  I never liked his books growing up, so his works face an uphill battle if they are to attain a better than average rating from me.  As much as I try to approach each title with a clear and untainted mind, I'd be foolish to think that I can completely dismiss this notion.  But this book does a good job of packing a lot of material into a small space.  While it doesn't reach the top of the Kid Book Ratings mountain, it gets pretty close.

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