Getting something "free with purchase" is usually about as noteworthy as getting that third phonebook of the year plopped to the side of your front door.  But every once in a while, you get lucky...

*The photos are of a high-quality, almost making you feel like you own every single one of the Build-A-Bears pictured and thus saving you a boatload (or, in B-A-B lingo, bearload)
*The quotes on each page are generally in good fun, with a few exceptions
*I must also compliment the layout for being crisp and modern

*It's not really a story but more a collection of pages that happen to have the same theme
*There's a good boy/girl split going when suddenly the second half of the book skews completely female
*Look -- we know your are trying to sell some bears, B-A-B, but do you really need to include the page that tells kids that life is better with bears (paraphrasing)

I'm not sure if this title is still available in Build-A-Bear Workshops, but if it is, you should definitely grab your free copy.  It is even worth spending a few bucks on if it's for sale AND on sale (the back cover lists it at $6.95). Since I got it for free, I'm gonna assume it's now a freebie for everyone -- which means my rating system is kind of out the window on this one.  That explains why it gets the following review...

Buy / Borrow / Donate / Destroy / Not Applicable

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