Pat the Bunny

I'm not sure how many different versions of P.T.B. exist at this point, but let me state for the record that the one I am reviewing today is printed by Golden Touch and Feel Books.  

*There is a page full of flowers and what appears to be an everlasting scent strip buried below -- marvelous
*Judy reads a book at one point and the very next page has that book (in miniature) pasted on the page -- it's like two books in one
*The next-to-last page has a hole in it surrounded by an image of a wedding ring -- interactivity that will melt any girl's heart and probably a few boys', too

*I hate to sound like a broken record, but we have yet another book that is titled after one tiny element within 
*While I like the idea of having Daddy's scratchy face being a part of the story (builds a bond between child and father), the way the picture is laid out makes it look like dad was on the losing end of a knife fight
*The peek-a-boo page is lacking; I could have created a better effect by cutting a swatch from my rattiest college t-shirt

As you can see, the majority of reasons why I like P.T.B. revolve around the bonus items included in the copy I have.  Something tells me that there are other printings out there that are solely text-based. If this is the case, I can assure you that my rating would not have been as high for ol' Pat.  But, I can only review what's in front of me, which explains the score below.

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