Peek-a Who?

Hey readers -- have you seen the YouTube link on this page under the section entitled Book Destruction Videos? If not, you should totally check it out, unless your name is Nina Laden.  Nina, you should probably go here instead.

*The guy on the last page is really good-looking; oh, and mirrors are the best
*The animals all have smiles on their faces
*The train is colorful -- although the track is designed to cause a massive disaster 

*There is a quote on the back cover calling the book " instant hit" and is credited to "Child"; if Child magazine said this, we should boycott that publication for at least a year as punishment unless the whole sentence the quote was pulled from was "This is the worst book ever and one we would never classify as an instant hit"; my guess is that she was able to sucker one child into parroting these three words so she could use it as a testimonial 
*$7 divided by 18 words yields 39 cents per word; at that rate each copy of War and Peace should fetch a little more than $33 million
*Last time I checked, an owl says "hoo" and not "who" -- and I refuse to give her a pass

I firmly believe Laden should return every penny she made off of Peek-a Poo.  Yes, we all know children in this age range can't get enough of Peekaboo.  Well, here's a game for your kids...head to your local bookstore and grab any copies of this book...hold up these books in front of them and then cover the books with a shirt, towel, napkin, etc...drop said books in the nearest trash can...lift up the now empty shirt/towel/napkin and say "Peekaboo"...then head home for ice cream.  The end.  Spoiler alert:  I am going to be making a Peek-a-Stew® out of this book when I Destroy it, so head down to the video section to see my recipe!        

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Anonymous said...

You have terrible taste in books... but you are very funny : )

mysteryguy said...

Just an FYI to our newer readers: Due to popular demand, I Destroyed my Destroy video section since many people thought it was offensive.