The Okay Book

Over the years, I have developed a bit of a belly.  When I see my old friends, they usually like to point it out within the first ten minutes. At this point in my life (secure in my skin with a great wife, awesome kid, and world-renowned blog), I could care less. But a younger me might not have been so sure...

*Attacks some of the most common childhood insults: wealth, race, weight, height, vision-improving accessories
*Mixes in a few wacky, off-the-wall topics to lighten the mood around the more serious stuff
*Using a dog and cat switching food bowls to symbolize sharing was a nice touch

*The last page says it's okay to dream big -- this is probably the best way to finish this hardbound collection of thoughts, but it's not really an ending to a book
*Maybe I'm wrong, but the illustrations (which aren't bad by any stretch) seem like the type of thing you would use when putting together a parody of a children's book 
*It is never okay to put a fish in your hair

Kids can be cruel.  Todd Parr's board book performs a valuable service in innocently teaching them early that it's not a bad thing to be different. This one fact alone makes the book better than OK. But, I can't quite call it a Buy since it's not a true story.  I see it as more of a reference tool for the young ones in your life.  Put it on the shelf next to their first dictionary, thesaurus, and/or copy of "An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory."

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Loving Your Child said...

Congrats! We just tagged your blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

mysteryguy said...

Thanks so much for the recognition!!! Now if someone could just translate the comment before yours..:)

Del Shannon said...


I really like the idea of this blog and wish you lots of success. In an effort to give you additional books and ideas for reviews, I'm hoping you will review my new children's book - "Kevin's Point of View." The target age group is 9 to 12.

I will send a MS Word file of the entire manuscript if you are interested.


Del Shannon