Stuart Little: Stuart Sets Sail

Time to get behind the wheel again for me, so why not review this copy of "Stuart Sets Sail" laying in front of me with a picture of the iconic mouse captaining a ship?

*The book does a solid job of weaving an entertaining story into a handful of pages
*The pure enjoyment he gets from anticipating eating a strawberry is very palpable and makes for a tidy ending
*Stuart obeys his parents and comes back at the time he was supposed to even though he could have easily extended his fun journey

*As news networks have taught us recently, solo sailing adventures are fraught with peril and should not be undertaken by small creatures (even if they own simply fabulous nautical attire)
*The turtle tries to eat him but the bird does not -- probably not the most accurate depiction of the food chain
*Mrs. Little looks way too much like Geena Davis, one actress from my youth whose looks and abilities made me want to vomit

Stuart Little has always held a special place in the hearts of my family, so I'm not surprised I enjoyed this particular edition.  I was expecting to have an issue with the publisher taking a famous childhood character and profiting from putting him in random scenarios just for the sake of making a book.  But that didn't happen here, since the story stood well on its own.  My main problem with it was that it doesn't seem to be the type of book anyone would jump up to read again.

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