Baby Touch and Feel - Animals

OK.  After reviewing a few high-level books (translation: for middle-schoolers), I think we need to get back to our roots.  Closing my eyes and reaching into the book bin by our couch, my hands are instantly drawn to the smooth and puffy cover of Animals.

*Oh, that cover -- I could touch it all day -- it's like heaven in your hand
*Bright, vibrant colors and infrequently found animals (like snails and starfish) stand out as positive points
*If every page had a tactile element like the rabbit fur, this would have been money

*Some of the textures are kind of half-assed, like the tiger cub page that chooses to highlight the tall grass instead of the animal itself
*The book starts off strong by telling you the baby names of certain species and then suddenly stops doing that altogether
*The rabbit fur on the cover is totally lacking the plushness of the rabbit inside

If you weighed each individual pro and con equally, this publication would have been a definite Donate.  But I just can't get over the feel of the cover whenever I hold it.  I've gotta believe that your little boy or girl would totally agree with me.  Borrow it.

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