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A while back I reviewed the tour de force known as Daddy Cuddles. [Caution: sarcasm alert.]  So when my little guy and I happened upon the sequel/prequel while we sat on the floor today, I knew I had to type up a review pronto.    

*They sneak in some counting by numbering each page (up to 10) and having a corresponding number of baby animals on each page
*The illustrations themselves aren't anything spectacular, but the backgrounds have a modern art flair to them that almost jumps out more than the animals themselves
*I had forgotten that a fish's babies are referred to as a fry

*The boy at the end is carrying his hopefully-still-breathing puppy in such an unnatural headlock position that it made me wonder if he was a problem child that no mommy could love
*While I give the authors credit for teaching that baby mice are pinkies, I'm thinking it's a tad confusing for young minds to see this on the opposite page from a bunch of PINK pigs
*I hate to sound like a broken record, but this couldn't have taken more than a few minutes to put together if you had a semi-talented artist at your disposal

So I took a quick look at my review for Daddy Cuddles to double check why I didn't like it that much and to give me a little extra perspective on the series.  But mainly I did it to make sure I didn't repeat the same pros and cons in this post.  In hindsight, this wasn't so necessary since this book seems to deliver better than dear old dad.  I really don't know which book came first, but it just feels to me like the authors tried slightly harder on this one. [Editor's note: the books appear to have been published in the same year, further clouding the chronology of the series, which, to be fair, is not linked in any way.] But, in the end, there's no way it's significantly better to the point that I can raise it's grade above Donate.

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