Captain Disaster (Kevin's Point of View)

If I was asked to describe the point of this blog, I would say that I contribute to it primarily for three reasons:
  • To help parents (and those who give gifts to children) avoid buying bad books
  • To possibly gain notoriety from this portal 
  • To improve the quality of the written word placed in front of today's youth

But, if there was a fourth reason, it would be to give up-and-coming writers a place to showcase their material to an audience that is perfectly suited for it.  So when Del Shannon asked if I'd review this book, I happily said yes.  But will the review be what he is looking for? 

*The action in the last 75% of the book is intense and made me want to read more and more
*The various threads of the story are woven together almost perfectly towards the end
*Captain Disaster references bothered me in the beginning; but actually provide the reader and the protagonist a form of escapism throughout the book

*The pizza delivery driver character was a little over the top and had a few too many veiled drug references linked to him for my taste
*The cover art really doesn't do the story any justice -- it put a gross image in my head before I had read word one
*A mom tackling her naked twelve-year old boy is played off a little too lightly -- that's the type of thing that would require (even more than the existing) years of therapy for everyone involved

This is Del Shannon's first book and it left me hoping it's not the last (thankfully, there's a convenient opportunity for a sequel hanging at the end)!  It's a fast-paced, action-packed, and well-written effort.  I could even see it as a movie.  Yet, there are a few spots where the wording didn't make complete sense to me.  [These might have been typos.]  And there were probably a few too many breaks from reality for Kevin in the first few chapters for my liking. Overall, a solid book for your older child and well worth the $2.99 Kindle price it is fetching!!

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