Happy Baby Words

I don't think we've tackled an early education book yet.  And since I don't want anyone accusing this blog of being crude and uneducated, let's do it now!

*The pictures are of a high caliber
*My son is infatuated with one of the girls pictured in the book, to the point that he waves at her every time -- I think she's too old for him, but I guess she could teach him some things (like words, you sicko)
*After the first few categories, the pages follow a chronological order that mirrors a child's day

*The identified items are fine for the most part (although I am a little distressed by the apparent bruises on the back of the child who is used to illustrate "back"), but the introductory sentences are usually super annoying
*I can kind of see why a potty is included on the bathtime page, but it also makes me wonder if a small mind might construe the tub as a place to let it all go, so to speak
*There are an unlimited number of things in the world, but somehow two tree leaves made it into this book

I kind of feel weird including it in the review files, but if I can help one person not fall for this trap, I'll feel vindicated.  You could save yourself $6 by taking pictures of things around your house, printing them out, and showing them to your kid instead.  Better still, just write down the names of things in your house on small pieces of paper and tape those strips directly to them.  I am particularly fond of writing 'Second Favorite Parent' on my wife's forehead while she is sleeping and seeing if it'll stay on there until lunch.  Much more fun than reading this book to your little one... 

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