For some reason, I'm craving a Grand Slam breakfast right now.

*Everything about this book screams bold, fresh, and modern so it came as little surprise when I found out in was published in 2010
*There is a rotating poop wheel in this thing -- 'nuff said
*All of the backgrounds are vibrant, but I was most impressed that Vere was able to make a black background almost burst out more than anything else in here

*The back cover says the book is "sturdy" enough for even "your littlest chick" -- not even close unless your baby bird is over three (which I guess the choking hazard warning forces him or her to be, so maybe I'm being a bit unfair here)
*The end of the story is defined by bedtime, which was too tame a conclusion for me given the moving poop that I played with just one page earlier
*A page on eating doesn't have enough necking or pecking on it for my taste

This officially marks the last time I will gravitate toward a pop-up book for at least the next year.  My son had this book in his hands for all of three seconds before he began trying to rip the pop-up bird from the first page we opened it to.  But, otherwise this is a great book to have in your life.  Buy it and you'll be more than happy with the purchase.  Especially if  your child happens to be under three, since Borrowing or Donating a shredded pop-up book is kind of frowned upon...

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