Rescue Vehicles

They don't make many books smaller and thicker than this one...

*The chunkiness of the pages is strangely gratifying
*Looking at photographed scenes of toys provides a good change of pace to the usual illustrations we see
*It's good for kids to get acquainted with the names of these important emergency machines

*There are seven vehicles in the book and three of them have the word "rescue" as a part of their name (including a tow truck) and there are no other words on the page --> ugh
*Maybe I'm becoming jaded, but has storytelling died in the last decade or have there always been so many category list books
*There's a 50% chance the mountain rescue vehicle is driving to the scene with a dead body strapped to the roof and covered by a tarp

The back cover explicitly warns that R.V. is not for sale in Canada. Do they honestly think someone is going to strike at rich sneaking copies past customs and selling them in Edmonton?  Even if a different blogger reviewed it every day no one north of the border would take notice.  Oh, legal departments, when will you take a day off? This book isn't anything special...

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