Maisy's Colors

As you can see from the pic below, we made a visit to the library. Reaching my hand into the bin, I picked out three books at random. Here's the first...

*I like how big the mouse is throughout the book -- she commands the page the way a main character should
*Maisy makes sure to toss her trash in the garbage receptacle 
*There's a good interplay between white space and backgrounds that vary in the way they stretch across the page

*Please tell me why Maisy is wearing lacey underwear 
*How hard would it be to make this into some sort of story instead of a collection of two word phrases
*The page which demonstrates black picks the spots on a leopard; something more obvious would have been a better choice

The back cover informs us that "children everywhere are crazy for Maisy."  Having her own show on Nickelodeon probably helps the publisher make that claim.  But just because the TV show has a huge following doesn't mean that the books are necessarily something worth buying.  Maybe some of the other twenty-odd books Lucy cousins has written are better, but this one stinks as bad as a mouse you find caught in the trap behind your radiator.  

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