Bunny Cakes

I can't believe I am actually reviewing another Rosemary Wells book. Do we have another Destroy on our hands?

*My favorite part of this book is the way it is formatted -- image on the top 2/3 of the page, text below, and an occasional bonus image toward the bottom when it suits the flow of the story
*The pages inside the cover (with the cooking ingredients on them) are a nice touch
*I'm a sucker for background props inserted for adult benefit; the Sel Lapin brand salt sitting on the shelf accomplishes it in spades

*Even though I find Ruby to be rather pleasant to her clutzy little brother in this case, I don't love that their relationship is strained underneath the surface (although I do give it credit for being more realistic this way)
*Hey Shopkeep, why don't you try and read the poor kid's handwriting the first three times he walks in the store
*Although I have never seen a Marshmallow Squirter in the wild, I imagine it doesn't squirt without provocation

I'm glad to know that not every Max and Ruby book is a total disaster. This one is actually fairly good.  It has a story that keeps your interest (even though you know what will happen in the end), nice illustrations, and enough extra icing to make it a worthwhile treat. Overall, I still am not sure I like Wells' writing all that much, but this is a 'B' effort for sure.  And, in this case, 'B' is for Borrow.

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