The Best Friends Book

Before getting down to business, I had to do a search to see if anyone was annoying enough to write a book with "BFF" in the title. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you my least favorite person in America, Jennifer Weiner...        

*Todd Parr seems to have a knack for boiling down life concepts into one meaningful sentence
*I like that the concluding frame tells kids that friends can move to the other side of the globe and still be there for you
*It's fitting that a boatload of people are thanked on the inside cover

*My biggest gripe with this book is that it is too similar to the author's other work in style and delivery 
*I'm all for being loyal to your friends, but if a teacher catches your kid passing notes Parr shouldn't be encouraging him/her to disobey authority
*Have the movies Quarantine, Outbreak, or Resident Evil taught us nothing about communicable diseases

I can't fault Mr. Parr too much for finding a winning formula and rolling with it.  Not every consumer is going to own more than one of his books, so in a vacuum each book becomes that much better. Moreover, the themes he tackles are admirable, so owning two or three isn't going cause any regret on your part.  Solid effort.  

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