Build a Burrito

So BaB has been sitting on my shelf for the past few weeks, but I have continually passed over reviewing it; the inspiration wasn't there for me.  A trip to Chipotle this evening changed all that.          

*If you were to form a checklist of key categories a book can/should cover, BaB would do better than most since it incorporates not only counting but does it in two languages as well
*There's something fun about turning pages that are different sizes and shapes
*If all of your cookbooks disappear one day (fire/flood/moving incompetence/culinary thieves), at least your family will have one recipe at the ready

*The guy who prepared my meal today could have written this book just by walking down the prepped food line and telling me to take a "big bite" at the register 
*If your kid starts eating burritos with nine chunks of cheese on them (as prescribed in this book), it will be a medical miracle that his or her arteries will see the age of 40
*Yuck -- who puts olives in their burrito

Here we have another case of a book that doesn't aspire to lofty goals, and, as a result, has an easier time of hitting the mark.  I have no doubt that from a creative standpoint this is no more than a Donate; yet, in execution it finds a synergy that pushes it up one notch.  Just to reiterate, this is a book that basically tells you the ingredients of a burrito.  If that's not what you are looking for, I completely understand.  But, if you are looking for something that improves vocabulary in English and Spanish and also helps your kid learn how to count, then you might consider grabbing it for a while.  

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