Bow-Wow Attracts Opposites

How many serial characters (I define this as a main character with two or more books) do you think exist in the kid lit universe?  I'm gonna put the over/under at 50,000.  I'd be curious to hear what you all think. Comment below!    

*Bow-Wow is a handsome dog whose peach-colored coat really pops off the page
*The interior covers sport a pattern so bold and snazzy I'd be proud to wear it on a tie or pair of boxers
*I missed it the first few times through, but the cat eyes glowing under the couch are pretty neat

*Except for the "happy" page, Bow-Wow's facial expression remains too determined or sad for my taste
*We all know that cats are smarter than dogs, but how did this feline close the window while running the other way
*The curtains are mysteriously missing in every frame but one

Here we have another book that seems to do more with less.  The theme is not original; nor are the opposites being compared.  But the way they are depicted, both conceptually and visually, gets the job done.  It's pretty easy to assign a rating to this one since you would never EVER want to pay for it, but you'd be happy to have it on hand for an abridged storytime.

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