The title pretty much sums it up.

*Looks like no other book I have ever seen, so I'll give it points for artwork originality
*Aside from the humans, the rest of the images in the book are really well done
*Reinforces in print some of the key first words your child will likely utter

*Our protagonist, Diaper David, looks like a Dr. Frankenstein experiment conducted solely with leftover body parts from Chuckie of Child's Play fame and any of the characters from a Tim Burton movie
*The first two pages give you the sense that the book will follow the pattern of mistakes kids make and the sayings that go with them (uh-oh and oops), but for whatever reason comes off the tracks
*I am left wondering whether David is a klutzy baby who likes to have fun or is a boy in need of an exorcism

Before opening the book, I thought it had the makings of something irreverent.  I mean look at that cover.  You can't tell me it doesn't have the look of something special.  But, much like that bowl of red mush on the ground there, it falls flat.  If you can get over glaring at his ugly mug, it might be worth checking out one of David's other titles; just don't waste your time on this one.

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