The MMoA My First ABC

Here's a question:  Is it ever too early to start exposing your child to culture and the finest things in life?  

*The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMoA) publication has a mix of art from around the world spanning back to the 15th Century (plus one piece from Pharaoh times)
*No shortcuts were taken -- every letter gets its own page
*Interesting take on the word 'Zigzag'

*I guess I want my alphabet books a little lighter on the Renaissance and a little heavier on the everyday life with a dash of funny in there if possible
*Um, Met, I think you are missing the target audience and the point by telling kids that the letter X is spelled 'Ex'
*Whatever game Little Boy Blue is playing looks a whole lot more like building a house of cards (is that a game)

I think I've answered my own question.  It's pretty clear to me that you can go overboard with the acculturation process.  Reading this book to my son makes me feel more pompous than proud.  If I had tangible proof that it would yield any sort of net gain in his development, I'd power through.  In reality, it probably does, but I don't care.  If I want to look at this much art, I'll go to a museum thank you very much!                     

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