The Tiny Seed

Alright class - time for a little botany.  Make sure you turn the pages with your greenest thumb...  

*It's a pretty cool concept to teach kids just how hard it is for life to take hold and thrive in a world full of dangers both obvious and unseen by the human eye
*Any way of getting across the point that something small can become something great (and, by extension, somebody) is a plus
*A whole lot of story packed into a board book only slightly larger than the norm

*Some of the ways the other seeds die (drowning being the main culprit) are far too macabre for a children's book
*Ending the book with a reset of the cycle of life was a good way to go, but why not have another tiny seed spring forth to weave it all together
*How come the boy's eyes are set level to the tip of his nose -- lazy artistry if you ask me

Where can I buy some seeds of change?  Cuz this story needs a decent amount of tweaking.  If I had to compare it to something in my backyard, it would have to be the tomato plant my wife has grown the last few years.  In theory, I would love to enjoy a nice homegrown tomato or two with dinner.  But, for whatever reason, this pot takes its sweet time producing anything and normally it's just a handful of tiny little guys that may or may not have been caressed by the rats that frequent the restaurant on the other side of the alley.  In other words, if I was starving, I might eat one after some serious thought.  [Let's not tell wifey about this post, mmk?!]                   

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