Read to Your Bunny

If it's possible to do a double-take of the book you are reading, I just did it.

*The science of why it is important to read to the tiniest of tots seems sound
*Relatedly, I get the sense that Rosemary Wells always means well (unlike some other authors who seem to be churning out crap just to make money)
*There is genuine love depicted in every single image of the big & little bunnies reading together

*Not a single phrase in this book is meant to speak directly to children; instead it is all focused on force-feeding the adult when/where/why you should read to kids
*I don't condone reading non-waterproof books in the bath with your child, but this is far superior to doing it while ice skating or flying a vintage aircraft 
*Speaking of that bathtub, it has these really gross feet that link it to the ground that make me that much more confident in my decision to never own a bathtub with feet

If you read my section on who this blog is for (aka: the key to receiving a good review from me), you'll see that I am a strong proponent of children's books that maintain a parent's interest during each reading.  In my wildest dreams, I never imagined an author could take this too far; that is, until I read this whopper of a title.  It blows my mind that Rosemary Wells penned something that by all accounts looks like it belongs in the kids' section of your library, but is completely targeted at adults.  A huge part of me wants to destroy it for this very reason, but I just can't do it.  If I had to venture a guess as to why, I think it has something to do with the idea that the first time you read it, it's interesting to hear her take on why reading to kids is so important.  Mind you this is not even part of the story and is completely not worth reading after the initial foray; but it does just enough to convince this governor (me) to stay the execution in this case.  There's no guarantee the next governor (you) will be so kind...                 

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