My First ABC Board Book

Today's special is a piping hot bowl of alphabet soup.  Enjoy!

*There's a ton of content packed in here that could keep your little one occupied for quite a while
*Almost every page has a photo of a real animal on it, bringing added life to the book in a way that foodstuffs, household items and clothing could never do
*I freely admit I use too many hyphens in my writing, but I love them; so seeing a jack-in-the-box as one of the objects made me happy (and, as a side note, it can't hurt to expose kids to the concept of this magical punctuational mark)  

*Do you ever wonder if most people would know what a xylophone is if it started with any other letter -- why couldn't they go with something more interesting, like a xenolith or a xebec
*Until I read the word underneath, I drew a blank figuring out what that round, black-bordered item on the 'p' page was -- they should have chosen something with a pattern to make it more obvious that it was a plate and not a generic shape or something you would shoot at if you were at a gun range
*The ambulance they chose hasn't been serviceable since LBJ was in office and consequently won't help your kid know what to call that white vehicle with the flashing sirens on its way to/from the hospital

If I had to pick five letters out of this book to describe it, I think I'd go with 'g', 'r', 'e', 'a', and, oh, I don't know, 't'.  It just goes to show what packing a lot of information into a little space can do to make something worthwhile.  This and the high resolution pictures elevate My First ABC to a level well above its peers. 

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