Ten, Nine, Eight

Initiate the countdown sequence.

*There aren't too many other bedtime books that also count backward and involve diverse leads
*I like that the first entry subtly references what has just happened before the book started (bath time)
*Having an odd number of shoes is humorous since that seems to be the norm in my household

*Ahhhhh, why does the teddy bear lack a nose or mouth -- having only the two black beady eyes mounted on white fur makes it look like a diabolical killer from a movie you might flip by on channel 287
*Having only one locale is limiting when the subject matter is the all-too-familiar bedroom
*Unfortunately reminds me way too much of the floorplan and interior design from Goodnight Moon

Like the evil Goodnight Moon, this book also lacks a routine and focuses more on the surroundings.  Thus you might have to add a little something extra to your readings to make it relate directly to your child's going-to-sleep process.  I don't know...maybe I'm just not a huge fan of books that slow things down for your child.  Still, I think it earns a Borrow rating because all but a pair of the ten statements are creative and loving.  I'll leave it up to you to decide which two I think were afterthoughts that Molly Bang threw in there to complete a rhyme.                       

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