With Us, on the Earth and Sea

Some quick research clued me into the fact that this is part of a series of books involving air, low elevation, and below ground activity.  Thank goodness for the Internet, because I just assumed it was a play off of some obscure biblical verse.  

*Best part of the book without even thinking about it....the fact that you don't even have to open it to finish it since all of the pages are presented in miniature on the front (if the book wasn't so bad, this would be a con, but I applaud any attempt to save me from reading it)
*The watercolors themselves are pretty good (although I think the "palm" trees should have been devoid of the coconuts to avoid future association confusion for tiny readers)
*The snowman appears to be holding an oar, perhaps signaling his eventual flow to water

*Quite possibly the dumbest title for a book I have ever seen, especially when you consider there is nothing contextual anywhere in or on the book that references the other two members of the All Around Us series it is linked to
*This might explain why Eric Carle's name is nowhere to be found on the front cover -- almost like he knew in advance to distance himself from the whole endeavor
*Seven items ~> two trees, two vehicles, and three other things ~> pretty sure there are about a katrillion various possibilities that could have been substituted for the palms or cars

Although there is a clear #1 pro for this book, it's actually the second positive listed that saves it from being buried beneath the Earth and Sea.  The watercolors do look like they took some time and talent -- and thus might be interesting for a kid to look at for a second or two.  But that's about it.  You know what, I'll even look the other way if you decide to launch it into the air and pump it full of lead.  Wouldn't blame you, just think it's an extreme Donate myself...                       

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