Hooray for Hands

Today I let my son select a book from the hundreds of titles available at our newly renovated library and this is what ended up in his hands...

*All of the kids in the book look genuinely happy with whatever activity they are participating in (except for one girl who is crying) and it translates when you read it
*There's a great transition from kids playing musical instruments to others making music with kitchen essentials
*Love the line about hands coming "in handy"

*As surprised as I am too say it given my normal preferences, I actually think parts of the book have too much going on and it would have been better served spacing things out  
*In one instance I was momentarily confused by where text was placed on the page relative to the specific image it referred to 
*Maybe not the best title for families where someone is missing an appendage

This is not my first review of a book in this series.  As I'm sure you all remember, I tackled Feet are Neat a few months ago.  Although both books ended up getting the same rating from me, I think this one is noticeably superior.  Who knows -- maybe it's the opposable thumbs?!                     

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