So I'm standing in a section of the kids' department trying to eavesdrop on a verbal altercation between divorced parents (about how to raise their daughter right) when another lady reaches down to the bottom shelf and pulls out this book.  Since my son is in an emergency vehicle phase, I grabbed one of the other copies sitting right next to it.  What a fateful decision this would prove to be...   

*It definitely has a ton of ambulance photos -- more than enough to satisfy any siren-chasing tyke
*Despite your brain's insistence that the text is too simplistic, it's perfectly suited for reading aloud to a child
*Speaking of photos, even though the book is only slightly more than a decade old, it has a handful of unintentionally hilarious photos of people wearing clothes and/or glasses that look like they are from the 70s  

*The book was published in 1999 (the same year of the Columbine school shooting) and just so happens to include an ambulance from that town -- I'm assuming the book went to print before the news hit 
*Marcia S. Freeman's creation also includes multiple photos of Tucson paramedics, which we all know was the site of the Giffords assassination attempt
*Yet another image is of what looks to be a demoniacally-possessed man driving in the pitch black with his lights blazing

Holy s*%#!!!  This book is either cursed or some sort of oracle that foretells national tragedies.  In fact, Columbine and Tucson are the only recognizable towns shown.  Still, given it's track record, I'd be careful if you live in either NY, CA, or PA, since the other vehicles bear these license plates.  I honestly might have to return the library to check out every copy and bury them somewhere deep in the woods far away from civilization.  The book itself isn't that bad, but on general principle there is only one rating I can attach to it.    

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