Pedro's Burro

Alyssa Satin Capucilli has finally penned the donkey tale that someone has been waiting for all his/her life.  That someone is definitely not me!          

*The book is about a happy day in the life of a father and son -- just the kind of book a guy like me might pay a little more attention to
*We learn what a donkey's main responsibilities are as a beast of burden
*As you'll see below, I have a problem with the way the diversity brush is used here, except when it comes to the burros who are well represented

*I refuse to claim this book has diverse leads, mainly because I think it might be culturally insensitive regardless of how innocent it is   
*Would it have hurt to at least point out that a burro is called a donkey by most English speakers  
*This now makes two things I don't like that go a little crazy with the use of the sound "Hee-Haw" (the other being that awful TV show from my youth)

I've tried to read this book to my son on a number of occasions and each time he gets up and walks away after a few seconds.  While the getting up part isn't uncommon, I can't think of another book that has suffered this fate every time.  So that's not gonna help garner a good review.  Two things save it:  Pau Estrada's illustrations and the playful nature of the donkey.       

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Anonymous said...

I think I've seen this book somewhere but have not read it. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays! :)

Chris Stedman said...

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Sharon Henning said...

Hi! I received a "Stylish Bloggers Award" and I'm passing it on to you.
Check back to my blog to see how you can pass it on and receive the logo.
I chose your blog because I enjoy reading it and think others should too.
Happy blogging!