Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

With such an active title, this book has to be good, right?          

*Breaks down the rhythm of the alphabet differently than the alphabet song we all know and love (which might help kids learn the letters faster/better)
*It's cute that the lowercase letters signify children and the uppercase ones are their guardians
*Held my son's attention despite my frequent gagging on the words coming out of my mouth

*John Archambault admits in the foreword that it took him weeks to come up with the text, and seems particularly impressed with the idea of a black-eyed letter p (dude, that's not original or creative)  
*Perhaps even more mind-numbing is the idea that C.C.B.B. required a co-author 
*Why are the letters not injured when they fall out of the tree, but are suddenly full of maladies on their way back up  

One magazine review listed on the book's jacket is quoted as saying how "absolutely irresistible" it is.  Reviews like these justify my continued attention to this blog.  C.C.B.B. is awful.  I will not read it "again and again and again" (same review) to my boy because I don't want him to grow up to be an idiot.  I won't even let him look at it because Lois Ehlert's drawings are almost as bad as the writings themselves.  Still, I can't Destroy it since the first pro I listed might be useful to some parents looking for an avenue to help their kids learn...

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