Where's Spot?

So I included this book in my Pop Ups category, even though it is a lift-the-flap book (supposedly the first one ever).  I hope you'll forgive me for being so inclusive.

*Animals hiding in/under/behind household furniture is clearly a recipe for success
*There's something about having pages end in a question that piques the interest of a child
*If it really is the "original" flap-lifter, then Eric Hill deserves some serious brownie points for creating a genre 

*The flaps definitely shouldn't have been situated so close to the spine, since they get more bent out of shape over time as a result
*Kind of surprised that the last page doesn't have a flap, but I guess it holds the symmetry of the first page not having one 
*Not sure I like that a rug was used twice to hide things (granted only once in the actual story)

The only way this book could be any better would be if it had a dial you could spin that would switch the location of Spot's hiding spot. Other than that, I can't see any flaws that would cause me to lower the rating --  it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.  This explains how more than 10 million copies have been sold to date!

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