Silly Sally

People who have a thing for redheads that walk backwards and upside down will love this book.  Everyone else should probably just avoid it.          

*When Sally gets the whole town to follow her lead, it says to me that as long as you're having fun, it doesn't matter how weird your actions are (so be yourself)
*I didn't notice it on the first run-through, but all of the characters are presented on the first page -- which is kind of cool
*Who doesn't like a steady dose of tickles

*I wish I could verbalize why the whole thing is dumb, but you'll just have to take my word for it  
*A full-length buttercup suit is probably the last costume I would choose for my hero to wear around town as would the name Neddy
*When the other animals do their things, only Sally repeats it, but when the sheep falls asleep, they all do  

I fell silly for even admitting this to you, but I could have gone three different ways with this rating.  At first, I thought I hated it enough to Destroy it, but it's really not offensively bad.  So then I figured it must be a Donate -- that is right up until I sat down to blog about it.  I started to wonder if there were enough positives to bring it up to Borrow status.  There aren't.  I guess it kind of makes sense that I settled on Donate because Audrey Wood's book has that nondescript air of "whatever" that typifies the books I lump in this category.  

Buy / Borrow / DONATE / Destroy

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