I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

Let's take a look at the Seuss I took from our nook full of books.

*The Cat in the Hat and his young prodigy play off of each other quite well
*As a geography nut, I like the chaos of the road sign page
*Isolates words like Mississippi and hallelujah for kids to see and spell

*The overall message of walking through life with eyes wide open is too subtly made
*Why do the trees' knees pop out of their tops
*Something about pillow snakes seems highly inappropriate for a children's book and Urban Dictionary confirms it

As I have stated in the past, I don't like Dr. Seuss.  And, to be honest, there's nothing earth-shattering about this effort.  For these two reasons I am extremely surprised how confident I am in the rating I have in my head for this story.  It's the right length.  It rhymes with minimal usage of the total poppycock words Seuss liked to invent for his books.  Similarly, there aren't too many creepy images in here (although there are a few).  In short, it's a perfectly fun book to pull out on occasion and read to your kid.                                            

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