Ma! There's Nothing To Do Here!

I picked this one up thinking it would be nice to review something that spoke to kids about a coming sibling.  What I ended up reading was nothing like that at all.                  

*There are a few plays on words that demonstrate the writer's got talent that could translate well in another concept
*It's good to let any first time moms who haven't done their homework know that the baby's head will need support early on
*Baby's schedule is described as being "snooze, eat...repeat" -- I've gotta admit that's catchy

*I have to dedicate my first con to just how ridiculous the whole idea of this is... why would a parent pick this up for a quick read on his or her own while opening it with kids is pointless (in my mind)
*What the hell does it mean when it says that maybe the baby will meet it's father
*The heart-shaped clock bothers me 

The jacket tells us that this book started off as a poem from the author to her daughter-in-law.  It should have never progressed beyond that stage.  Who else would want to own this?  I don't get it. Actually I do.  Barbara Park and the staff at Random House knew full well how marketable it is as a baby shower present.  Think about the oohs, aahs, and "so cute"s it will get in a room full of women unwrapping gifts.  There will be no witnesses later to the number of WTFs the mom-to-be will saying when she reads it.                              

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