Goodnight Lulu

Check out the cover art below.  Appears we have the makings of something cool here.                  

*Paulette Bogan is a very capable artist whose greatest strengths are the way she makes colors pop off the page
*Paulette Bogan, the writer, is pretty decent too -- the story is predictable but counters it with the loving protective parent every child wants to have
*Teaches your children the natural habitats of various predators

*Just not the type of book I would want to read over and over again
*The scale of the creatures is completely out of whack throughout (which is done purposefully I'm sure, but didn't fly with me)
*Not a fan of the way she drew the tiger's head 

A perfect example of the whole not quite equaling the sum of its parts.  Let's recap: nice pix, good writing, has a purpose.  You would think I would agree with the nearly unanimous opinion on Amazon by giving it a top rating.  But labeling it a Borrow seems logical to me, mainly because of the nagging feeling that Lulu lacks the originality I crave.                              

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