Big Bad Bunny

Thankfully this is not a kid's adaptation of Donnie Darko.                  

*Totally not what you would expect it to be from the title (I pictured something that involved soothing children's panic around going to sleep)
*You can never have too many books that demonstrate the lengths a mom will go to be her child's hero, assuming these stories are decently done
*Squoozle is a word I'm not familiar with, but if that's what walking through swamps really sounds like, you'll find me bouncing through bayous for the next few weeks   

*Upon second look, I realized that the cover art chose the one image from the story it shouldn't have, since it can give away the whole plot if you look at it for more than a second
*Big Bad Bunny is kind of grotesque to look at, which I realize is the point, but still...
*I'm curious about the author's dedication -- why must the poor field mice of this planet be in constant fear of being bopped on the head 

Franny Billingsley and G. Brian Karas combine to turn out a quality title to add to your collection.  To be honest, it might not be the first book you reach for if you're gonna plan ahead about what you are going to read your kid at night.  Instead, it's one of those items on your shelf you yank off and don't think twice about.  In other words, a good occasional selection that reminds me of that song on your iPod that you would never play on repeat but are excited to hear as part of two-hour gym workout shuffle.                              

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