Dinosaur's Day

Maybe I've gotten a little too dinosaur-heavy over the last few weeks.  I'll try and tone it down for a while after this review, I promise.                  

*If you want to improve you kid's grasp of history and science real quick -- open this book a few times
*Even though I am 99% sure the photos (as opposed to the hand-drawn pages) are of cheap plastic action figures, the resolution is so clear that it almost looks like Ruth Thomson's production was done on a major Hollywood set 
*Dinosaur's Day has the size, weight, and cover texture that I covet

*Dinosaur species names seem awful difficult to be the centerpiece of a book intended for those children who are "beginning to read"   
*I also think having the Triceratops tell your son or daughter how it tried to stab a T-rex might increase the likelihood of your child getting stabby when with friends    
*The majority of these plant-eating beasts are completely foreign to me -- throw me a dinosaur bone by including some Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus in the next printing  

Even though I attach an estimated minimum age to my Buy recommendations, I generally don't enjoy telling you a particular book's target age.  In this case, however, I DO want to tell you that I think it's really for children five years and up; but maybe your kid is a genius or happens to have developed a keen interest in dinosaurs at an earlier age.  Furthermore, you might want to mull over my first two cons a second time to make sure this book, which I happen to like, is appropriate for your family at the current juncture...                             

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