A Walk Down Sesame Street

Will this be the first pop-up book I do not award a Buy to?

*There's a ton of extra content per page outside of the pop-ups themselves
*Guy Smiley's "Play at Home" marquee questions stimulate a different area of your child's brain than the primary text
*Who doesn't like searching for semi-hidden images (in this case letters)  

*Some of the pull-tabs don't move the characters as much as you might want them to
*Bert's head creeps way too far out of the top when closed (so much so that I thought there was a dead moth on my table last night)  
*I hate to list this fault, but the simple fact is I prefer it when the books I read to my son don't remind him of the TV shows he could be watching 

At first I thought I was going to have a problem with the binder-style construction of this Sesame Street product.  I have to admit, it feels weird in your hands when you pick it up, but once it's opened this becomes a total non-factor.  With that momentary hiccup out of the way, I found each reading of this title to be enjoyable and full of excitement.  Looks like we have another pop-up Buy on our hands...

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