Duck Soup

Grab a spoon and pull up a chair.                  

*Any time you can have a fun story also promote a vegetable-heavy diet you've got literary gold
*I enjoyed the various facial gestures Jackie Urbanovich painted on the animals throughout 
*Having the carrot slices mirror a duck's feet was a cool optical trick

*As much as I liked the book, at its core it's a story about cooking the main character -- something certain parents might not want to expose their children to
*On the page showing all of the soups Max the Duck has made in the past, why would Jackie U. have four images of culinary failures and one where a rabbit is enjoying his soup if the point is he is not a good cook
*Whatever Max is throwing into the pot on page one is not reflected in the ingredients listed in the text

Much like duck on a menu, this book is a delicacy that you wouldn't want to sample every day, but would rarely turn down if it was offered to you in the right setting.  [This coming from a guy who does not find that type of poultry appealing in the least bit.]  In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe the best place to keep Duck Soup is in the kitchen for your little bird to read while you are preparing dinner.  Bon appetit!                                  

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