How A Book Is Made

Oooh, something educational for parent and child!  What could be better?                    

*From a parental perspective ONLY, Aliki Brandenberg's (who goes by just Aliki -- don't get me started) hardcover offers a quite informative look at the process of book production  
*My son enjoyed the pictures of all the different kitties
*Might be the first exposure your boy or girl has to the idea of adults working different jobs despite being housed in the same office

*I don't know what's worse -- the pages on color separation or the ones where cats are trying to hawk books at sales conferences and bookstores
*Explaining a floppy disk to your kids is about as awesome as trying to connect to the Internet on a Commodore 64 
*Chooses to include her own name on the cover of the book inside the book, rather than putting something like "You" or "Little Timmy" 

1986 was a good year.  Halley's Comet.  Hands Across America. Top Gun.  Nuff said.  But here's the problem... much like the year's #1 song, "Rock Me Amadeus," many things from 25 years ago do not play nearly as well today.  They either seem super cheesy or have been rendered virtually obsolete.  This book is more guilty of the latter, but is not without the former.  Perhaps more importantly, it has about a 1% chance of holding your kid's attention for more than a reading or two, given the subject matter and the almost invisible attempt it makes at being fun.  That said, if you perfect the time machine sitting in your garage and decide to go Back to the Future (a 1985 film, but allow me to split some hairs) so you can publish during a more innocent time, then this might come in handy.                    

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