Pepo And Lolo And The Red Apple

Much like bobbing for apples, this ended up being a fruitless endeavor.                    

*Teaches the value of working together in order to achieve a common goal    
*If you are so inclined, it allows the opportunity to discuss the role of insects in processing the world's garbage
*I could be wrong, but I think the stars of the show get a little fatter after eating -- a fact I was well aware of a few hours ago as I sat on the beach following a hearty lunch

*A prototypical example of what super boring writing can do to a visually decent effort 
*Author Ana Martin Larranaga might have realized this when she left the last page free of text -- not really a negative, but I couldn't stress just how blah reading this to my son was in the first con
*Apples don't split in half when they fall of a tree

I should really look to see what the shiny sticker says before grabbing books from now on.  My perfunctory glance led me to believe that I was picking an award winner when in reality all I was getting was a "Super Sturdy Picture Book."  That distinction is great and all, but if the action on those sturdy pages is as tasty as a half-rotten Granny Smith core, then what's the point of consuming it?                      

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