Hello, Doctor

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you probably noticed my unexcused absence from posting over the last few days.  The delay was not caused by a human illness, but rather a malady my laptop is facing right now (where the 'n', 'b', and space bar keys have all decided to stop working).  Needless to say, writing even a sentence without spaces would annoy the bejesus out of anyone, so I waited until I got a USB keyboard to plug into it before hopping back on.                     

*Lays out the most common things that might happen at a doctor's office so your child is prepared   
*Might have cured the fears of exactly one English speaking kid on the planet
*It's not my cup of tea, but for parents who like a summary of words used in the book, there is a list of the 28 whoppers chosen for this Rookie Reader© classic

*Not all doctor visits require shots, so why scare children unnecessarily
*Reading about a child who can "go" while he stands in front of a bathroom takes a while to comprehend (the kid pees in a cup), but wouldn't it have been easier to explain that he peed in the first place
*Couldn't the illustrator have just written this book himself -- I can't believe David F. Marx needs his name associated with this second thing you might find when a child "goes" near a bathroom

I never thought I'd say this, but here we have a book that is worse than an actual trip to the doctor.  First of all, the artwork has all the makings of a lab specimen from the 1970s but is mindbogglingly from the year 2000.  Worse than that, it takes approximately twenty seconds to read but makes you feel like you awoke from a day-long coma when you finish it.  Time for me to go find a medical waste canister so I can drop this in!                     

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Gregory Walters said...

There is something cathartic about writing a review on an abysmal book! Sorry you had to suffer through it, but I shall avoid it as rigorously as I avoid, well,...the doctor's office. I still make the doctor = needle association. How sad that this "helpful" book perpetuates that.

I also blog about kids' books at Boyz Read: http://boyzread.blogspot.com/. I look forward to checking out your site again.

Gregory Walters said...

Now following your blog! I also added your blog to a Favorites Blogs and Links section on my Boyz Read blog (http://boyzread.blogspot.com/).