Scoop That Snow!

I didn't know much about the Jon Scieszka's Trucktown series going into this review, other than it is super hard to spell.                     

*Kids like snow, kids like trucks   
*Puts some vehicle-minded emphasis on certain words using semi-cool graphics
*The blue glitter in the snow is pretty in a My Little Pony kind of way

*I actually found myself saying "just shut up" in my head every time Dan or Pete would ask each other a question 
*The book is only two years old and the front cover is already completely separated from itself, even though it appears from the library sticker that only eight people checked it out before me (I guess the argument could be made that all it takes is one bad egg to ruin an omelette)
*Speaking of that cover, it has to contain the worst snow globe effect I have ever seen

It's ironic that one of the two main characters is named Dump Truck Dan considering how much it reminds me of a dump I just took in the toilet.  [Pretty sure that will lose me some followers.]  Put another, more proper, way, Payloader Pete does not deliver the payload I was looking for when I grabbed it out of the bin to take home.  Compared to the wheeled stars of "Cars 2," these anthropomorphic characters are about as interesting as a nondescript pile of snow after a blizzard.  I'd Destroy it myself, but it looks like one parent already beat me to the punch with this copy, so I'll just return it and let him or her finish the job!                    

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