This Is My Dinosaur

I'm about to go all Cretacious on this review...                  

*It's got a button that says ROAR -- need I say more
*The various tactile features that are introduced are maintained throughout the entire book (unlike a lot of other books of this variety) 
*One of the few books where using the same phrase to lead off each page actually works   

*Why does the otherwise fun-loving and good-natured star have to chase away certain dinosaurs
*The sensations you get from touching the beak and the skin are virtually the same 
*Not clear to me how Usborne included some of the features but not all of them on the cover 

Books like this will never go extinct in my household, despite the fact that they probably won't interest a child over four.  It's lacking any real meat on its bones, but makes up for it somewhat by including sound and feel elements that a lot of the competition doesn't bring to the table.  In other words, if the ROAR button ever runs out of battery, you should immediately free up space in your home for something else -- but until then keep it near the crib!                              

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