A Train Goes Clickety-Clack

I thought keyboards made that sound (and the free dictionary online almost agrees with me), but I guess you could argue trains do too.                    

*Fairly complete overview of trains, what they are and what they do
*Denis Roche's artwork is not award-worthy yet fits well within the confines of this book
*I happen to like the "This Book Belongs To:" section on page two despite my usual distaste for kids writing in reading books

*Author Jonathan London must either have the most incredibly discerning ears or he just makes up sounds (like "jiggly-rumba" or "rattley-bumpa" [which is technically from another book referenced in the author's bio])
*It's been a while since I've reviewed something with such a "ho-hum, where did that come from" ending
*While I enjoy the idea of a train being slow "like a lazy stream", its linked counterpart loses sight of how tough it is to explain the word "gleam" to someone under four

It pains me to give a sub-par rating to an author who lives only 45 minutes from my mom, but the facts don't lie:  this train never left the station.  While it is better than most Donates I review, it still lacks the gravitas I look for in a book that I WANT to read to my son.  In other words, it's not really that fun, despite possessing a good chunk of information, imagination, and color.  Spend your money on a model train instead...                      

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