"Fire! Fire!" Said Mrs. McGuire

"Why, oh, why!" said Mr. Kid Book Rating Guy.                    

*The text comes up lame in spots, but overall moves the story along at a pleasantly feverish pace
*Mrs. Votter demonstrates the power of sexuality -- normally I would have thought this was the worst taboo, but since your kids won't be able to identify it, somehow it slides by for a chuckle
*There's a kid holding a whole chicken (minus the head) for absolutely no reason 

*When you end a book with "as she slid down the stairs with a sack full of potatoes", you should know it wasn't your best effort
*Strange how Bill Martin Jr gave up matching people's last names to their appearances about halfway through the story
*How long was that birthday cake lit to allow for all of this to transpire

Holy smokes!  This is not a good addition to any library.  Rather, it is the quintessential Donate book because it would fit perfectly on the ratty card table of that guy who vends at your local flea market each Sunday.  Do yourself a favor and instead spend your hard earned dollar on the analog alarm clock (that might or might not actually work) sitting next to it.  The clock will be right at least twice a day, whereas there is no right time for this relic.  Sure it has a few decent things going for it, but that don't mean it's good...ya dig?                      

Buy / Borrow / DONATE / Destroy

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