Dappled Apples

Any chance we can retroactively change the title to Crappled Apples?                    

*Dorothy Donohue's meticulous placement of each component in her collages yields a 3-D effect that is quite cool  
*Shows your kids that they don't always have to buy a costume for Halloween, since putting one together from random household items can be fun too   
*If you like Septembers and Octobers above the Mason-Dixon foliage line, you could do worse 

*Yet another example of a book that checks many boxes (rhyming, theme, teaching moments) but misses the mark from an entertainment standpoint 
*For a book about autumn (pretty sure that is the goal since both the author and the illustrator mention the season fondly on the back inside cover), it's weird to stop at Halloween instead of working your way to Thanksgiving or later
*The freaking apples pictured aren't dappled

Some of you might wonder if my reviews are subject to my mood on the day I am reviewing a particular book.  I say this because I've noticed that my last four or five reviews have all been negative. Am I going through a bitter week of my life and taking it out on the stories in front of me?  Nope.  It's just the luck of the draw.  I check out 7 books at a time without really looking inside to see what's coming.  Sometimes I bring home a bad stack and the result is the trend we are currently seeing.  If Dappled Apples was hanging on a tree at your local orchard, you'd pick it off, place it in your basket, and then notice a huge bee hole on the backside that would cause you to toss it to the ground and walk away.                      

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