Take Me Out Of The Bathtub

A book full of "silly dilly songs" that's as stupid as it sounds...                     

*Doesn't skimp on material -- there are 14 separate sing-a-longs, meaning this could easily convert to a children's album (more on this later) 
*If you are familiar with the tunes of songs as random as "I Have a Little Baby Bumblebee", then you won't have to skip a single page
*There's no doubt that Alan Katz spent quite a bit of time rewriting each ditty    

*David Catrow's drawings, each and every one of them, disgust me (which he might argue is the point of a lot of these songs)  
*I have no musical background to speak of, but I'm pretty sure some of the verses have crammed in too many words to maintain the musical integrity of the original
*The song "Ripped My Favorite T-Shirt" features a kid driving a tank even though no mention of such a warlike instrument can be found

My son likes me to sing him the title track anytime he sees the book laying around, but never ever seems to want to flip to any of the other pages.  My guess is that he is as grossed by the pix as I am, since the bathtub visual is easily the least offensive.  Every other scene reminds me of something you might find in the villain's childhood notebook when watching movies like Seven or Silence of the Lambs.  So even though my kid doesn't ignore it completely, it is still a definite Destroy.  Oh, and parenthetically, I googled the title to see if there was an accompanying CD, and, sure enough, there was.  My guess is that the CD is actually not that bad (since it doesn't force you to look at grotesque images while you listen), and might actually be worth checking out.                     

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