A Friend

"What about your friends?  Will they stand their ground?  Will they let you down, yeahhh?"                    

*Details about a million different ways a friend can be there for your child  
*Doesn't waste an inch of space -- even the inside covers are packed with friendly situations  
*The peg-legged pirate amused me despite some confusion surrounding why his wooden appendage is only half as long as it needs to be 

*The final three questions should have been given their own page, or an image, or something other than they way they were presented
*I wasn't a huge fan of the way the first half of the book separates thought patterns across pages 
*The exercising buddy rests at the base of a cross -- not sure what that means or how it relates to a workout routine

Much like the TLC song referenced above, this book is full of good intentions but, in the end, doesn't connect with me.  I was about to give it a Borrow but reconsidered after asking myself whether I would want to read it on a regular basis.  Since repeated watching of the 1992 music video on YouTube seems slightly preferable to putting Anette Bley's creation into my rotation, you can see why I rated it as such.                      

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