Late For School!

I love exclamation marks even more than the next guy, but, c'mon, does this title really need one? 

*Stephanie Calmenson does a great job creating a sense of urgency in Mr. Bungles' voice that sells the idea of him running late
*Sneaks a clock in every frame to help you keep track of his progress
*His cat gives him his keys as he rushes out the door -- cute

*As much as I want my own son to grow up not stressing out about every little thing in life, I can't agree with the author's decision to weaken a strong rule about punctuality that EVERY kid should try to follow   
*I can see why Sachiko Yoshikawa chose to use a mustache (the teacher's face is very juvenile otherwise), but did it have to look like a cross between an inchworm and something you'd find sticking to a bar of soap
*How did the teacher find his way into a hot air balloon that was already aloft

I almost didn't check this book out last time I was at the library, but I'm kind of glad I did.  Even though the mixed message issue was a problem for me, it's only one page of an otherwise fun book to read out loud.  My guess is both you and your child will have fun reading it -- as long as you focus on the words and pictures while averting your eyes from the growth on Mr. Bungles upper lip!

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